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I've done a number of wiring jobs in the past and they can sometimes be a nightmare!

A table with color-coded/numbered wires

This time I have color-coded and numbered each wire.

Wires   Wires   Wires   Wires

Above, you can see the upgrades I've made to my lights. When I pulled them apart, they were wired with what looked to be 16 or 18 awg wire. I pulled the pins out and soldered 14 awg wire to each pin.
In the far left picture you can see the new wire on the left side and the old wire I had not replaced yet on the right. I've also replaced the ground wire.

Testing the Lights   Testing the Lights   Testing the Lights

Here I tested the lights.

Front Fender

I've wired green lights in the eyes of the front fender. This picture is a little bit deceiving. The skull on the fender is not as big as it looks; it's a close-up. See the fender page for better pictures of it.

Fuse Panel   Back Wiring   Mudflap Skull
(Left to right: Fuse Panel, Rear Wiring, and a Mudflap Skull)

Battery   Battery

The battery is going to be out of reach so I made a remote jump location. I took an old jumper cable and connected it to the starter. I needed a strong, non conductive surface, so I stole the Ol'Lady's cutting board. I cut it up and bolted it to the frame, then bolted the remote battery terminal to it.

Fuse Panel   Dash

On the left I just finished the back of the fuse panel. It was 115 degrees in the shop so work was kind of slow. On the right I started putting together the dash, fuse panel, and the rest of the wires together behind the dash.

Wiring   Wiring

Here I've just finished wiring the back of the dash. I need to coat some of the hot points with rubber. Maybe I will try some of the liquid tape, I've have always wanted to try that.

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