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I am the webmaster, son of the builder of the trike, and this is my personal page. Though I've also made my own physical contributions to the trike, my main role in designing the trike was designing a completely new website for it from scratch. I still update the site when there are new things to be added.

Me on the Trike   My mom and I on the Trike

On the left is me on the trike and on the right is my mom and I on the Trike.

Me welding the gas tank   Me sanding on the front forks

On the left is a photo of me from 2006 where I was welding part of the gas tank together. On the right is a more recent photo of me sanding the front forks.

Home Page - Before   Home Page - After

As the webmaster, I create and update every page of the website. On the left is the old home page from when my dad was maintaining the site. On the right is the new home page that I designed. As you can see from the screenshots, it's a huge improvement over the old version!


For those of you readers who know or are interested in web design, here is a screenshot of the HTML code I've written from scratch in Notepad++. The pages now pass W3C validation and are smaller in size. Now there are no more ugly Microsoft Frontpage 2003 pages with spelling and grammar mistakes!

This site is intended solely for the purpose of sharing photos and information about my trike with people I have supplied this URL to.
If you got here without me supplying you this URL (ie. random Google search), you may still look around if you like. If you see something you do not like, then GO AWAY.
The information provided on this site may or may not be correct, so use at your own risk.
If you need to contact me, email me at
If I feel like answering your questions, I will. If I don't, I wont.
That's just how it is.