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One of my other hobbies is making weapons. Here are a few I did not give away.


Here is one of the first weapons I've made. It's made from a leaf spring that came off of a truck. I gave this one to my son.

Sword   Wooden Hammer

On the left is a sword that I made and my son is finished up. On the right is just a big hammer made from a log and an axe handle.

Sword   Battleaxe

On the left is a rapier-like sword. The handle of this one came out really well. On the right is a battleaxe my son and I made. It was one of the first weapons we made together.


Here is a war club made from a baseball bat that my son and I both made.

Sword   Sword

Here's a sword I am making for myself. It's not finished yet, but you can get an idea what it will look like when it is.

Knife   Tomahawk

On the left is one of the first knifes I made from some scrap. On the right is a tomahawk I made for the Ol'Lady. The tomahawk doubles as a peace-pipe.


This is a spear I made from a bayonet (I think) that I bought a while ago.

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