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Transaxle   Transaxle

Transaxle   Transaxle

Transaxle   Transaxle

Skull   Skull   Skull

Gas Pedal Skull   Skull

Gas Pedal Skull   Skull   Skull

Cat Skull   Cat Skull   Cat Skull

Hitch Skull

This skull is mounted onto the trailer hitch whenever I'm not using it.

Storage Compartment Skull   Storage Compartment Skull

Here are two photos of a skull that I'm currently working on.

Gearshift Skull   Handgrip Skull

On the left is the gear shift knob before I put steel on the bottom. The right is one of the handle bar ends. I have leather straps hanging from them now.

Gearshift Skull   Gas Pedal Skull

On the left is the gear shift knob again. I molded it from clay, baked it, and added Halloween teeth, crystal eyes and nose. Then covered it with epoxy. The tongue stud and eye centers are earrings I got from the Ol'Lady. On the right is the back of the gas pedal. It used to be a Halloween mug.

Mudflap Skull

Here is one of my mud flaps. I used a Halloween mask as a mold. I stole the Ol'Lady's cooking spray (Pam) and sprayed the inside of the mask. I then started laying fiberglass. In the thick areas, I used a combination of chopped up matting, cloth and cotton balls. Believe it or not, the cotton balls worked really well. They soaked up the resin, but left a hallow center. That made it strong, but lighter than if I used just matting.

Trailer Skull   Trailer Skull

This was mounted on the back of the trailer after our truck finally died.

Old Gas Tank Skull

This is a gas tank skull I've made years ago.

Old Gas Tank Skull   Old Gas Tank Skull

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