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Steering Bars   Steering Bars

Steering Bars   Steering Bars

Footguards   Footguards

Footguards   Footguards


Master Cylinder   Garage

Business Card

Trike Weight

Plug Question

Helmet on Slam-Man   68 Beetle   68 Beetle

68 Beetle   68 Beetle

68 Beetle   68 Beetle

This is basically how the trike started off. I got a hold of a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle, then I cut it apart with a saws all, which was all I had at the time. This is what was left over.


Here I burnt my fingers. This is not the only damage and pain I have done to myself while building this trike, but it's the only one I took a picture of.


I had to add some bling to the trike. These are crystals my son and I made necklaces out of years ago.

Engine   Engine

I've added these vents and holes to help cool the engine.

Trike   Trike   Trike

Trike   Front Spring

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