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Tire-Rim Comparison Chart

I've made my own instruction manual for the trike that would become useful in the event of a situation requiring the trike to be fixed. These images are from the manual I've made for the trike:

The Wires   First Start Diagram
(Left to right: The Wires and First Start Diagram)

Fuse Panel   Fuel Level
(Left to right: Fuse Panel and Fuel Level)

Data   Static Timing   Alternator
(Left to right: Data, Static Timing, and Alternator)

Spark Plugs   Coil Diagram   Tachometer Diagram
(Left to right: Spark Plug Diagnostics, Coil Diagram, and Tachometer Diagram)

VDO Manual Oil Temperature Gauge   Trike Oil Temperature Gauge
This is the wiring for the oil temperature gauge.
(Left to right: VDO Manual Gauge and modified Trike Gauge)

Wheel Bearing Assembly   Axle Assembly
(Left to right: Wheel Bearing Assembly and Axle Assembly)

Brakes   Carburetor Parts
(Left to right: Brakes and Carburetor Parts)

Heat Risers   Latching Relay

The two pictures above are things I might add in the future.

Tire-Rim Comparison Chart

Here is a tire-rim comparison chart

Manual Links:

Carburetor Setup & Adjustment
Float Level Adjustment
SVDA Installation Instructions

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Oil Viscosity
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