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The Dash is made from old dell computer boxes that I fiberglassed. I learned this trick from back in the day when I used to do a lot more fiberglass work then I do now: A cardboard box has a corrugated center and if fiberglassed correctly will make a strong panel, or in this case, a dash. What you do is thin your resin with acetone. When it's thinned correctly, it will penetrate the cardboard and soak into the corrugated center. The acetone then evaporates, leaving the cardboard soaked with resin and your left with a strong panel. I then lay some fiberglass on both the inside and outside. I also covered it with Herculiner (a type of truck bed liner).

Dash   Dash

On the inside, see the three studs: The one on the right is the main feed before the fuse panel and ignition while the two on the left are after the fuse and to different circuits.

Dash   Dash   Dash

Dash   Dash   Dash

Gas Tank

I haven't yet mounted the the gauge panel at the time I took these pictures and it was still missing a couple of lights.

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