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Carburetor   Carburetor

This is a Weber 32/36 Progressive DFEV Carburetor.

Carburetor   Carburetor   Carburetor

Carburetor   Carburetor   Carburetor

Carburetor   Carburetor

Here I tore down the carburetor to remove the jets.

Carburetor Chart   Carburetor Jetting

Shown on the left is my carburetor's original jetting and on the right is a diagram showing the location of each jet.

These are the new jets I installed:

1st Modification: 2nd and Current Modification:
Primary Idle - 50 Primary Idle - 55
Secondary Idle - 50 Secondary Idle - 60
Primary Main Jet - 125 Primary Main Jet - 125
Secondary Main Jet - 180 Secondary Main Jet - 180
Primary Air Jet - 160 Primary Air Jet - 160
Secondary Air Jet - 180 Secondary Air Jet - 180
Accelerator - Single Jet - 55 Accelerator - Double Jet - 55

Carburetor   Carburetor

On the left is the separation of the idle jet and idle jet holder and shown on the right is an obstruction of the primary idle jet.

Intake Manifold

I have a fully heated intake manifold now.

Intake Manifold

Above are the intake manifold ends. I had a misfire on the R/S. I found that it was sucking air through the holes I pointed out in the picture. These holes were used as for guide pins on OEM heads. The aftermarket heads I have do not use the guide pins. I filled them with JB Weld for they will not suck air anymore.

Carburetor Parts

Shown here is a diagram of the carburetor torn down to individual parts.

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